Eros rise

lying beside you control is lost as I’m losing my composure, 

Holding your growing strength I can feel you rising as my body brushes against yours and like the stars you’re glowing

Heat takes over, holding me,  your fingers begin to dance their way around my body while chaching my garments right to the floor

Your soft manliness, yet caressing my resting inner thighs

I hum a soft song of passions race, yearning for the intensity  to cover me like a sheild right into ecstasies corner heart to heart you affirm me.

And so as the waves are to the sea so are our bodies gliding in and out up and down, time lapses and nothing else matter in the moments created.

Our hands lock as our motion love boat rocks. I receive you more and more

Your confidence is extended and my honeys released as we exercise on repeat I scream loves language in the intensity of explosions like a volcano we erupt together

The flow is like a river stream tricking splashes of molecules, moisturizing our kingdoms dwellings 

Passion takes over and we lift off to an infinite place natures beauty

Lovers land some say… But I say erotically rendered to the makings of expressive love

This is only the beginning of what is to cum… 


Loves stranger

we have nothing more than the passing of our beings and the follows of our unspoken words, the influx of desires met…

Your soul says more but fear excites, love is provided but never touched, its deserved but never admired…

You’re not a hollow prince of spoil strobed for the taking deep down your King rests 

If God gave this stranger love to one another my world shall boast in peace I would ask not for another I would hold you between my cherried breast of care and nurture your everything all of the strength you guard I’d breakdown the hurt and help you build the lost pieces 

I’ve known for so long how I needed you to knead me into your life and now that we are threads away I pray for a stranger love to come alive….for you I pray loves stranger 


Agian ruin

The feelings dont fade and to dissipate is to disaster…so I thought, 

But it’s because I won’t let them fully erase. I continue to stock the socials of the existence as it gives off no light yet I lurk in the darkness of my lonely to scan the limitations of the noncommunicable visions 

They lead to nothing but past tense how foolish as I folly in the lost history praying for this reawakening a heart epiphany 

I’m a shame in my doing I brought upon such ruin trying to keep the past on an emotional ventilator it’s time I realize and release the support as I keptd it alive in me far too long 

I’ve given birth to an empty giant what have I to regret, only that I had left it to the piece of its own lonely in peace  then just maybe there be a life just maybe a little life to seeing the miracles of loving again… Agian I ruin in my lonely. 

What if

what if the world gave everyone the chance they’ve always needed 

To be all they wanted and achieve what they lacked…

What if love could come twice once… You comprehend the meaning.

What if there were more reasons than none that could actually explain everything that was lacking an explanation.

What if life was as simple as it seems and less complex than we make it…

What if those that could did and those that did excelled…

What if there was a day that what was lost was regained…

What if I could kiss the one I loved and lost agian 

what if life awarded the wait::::::