Blossom to love

I want to get on my knees and slowly caress the curve of your life giving jewels, just before the ingress egress, the joy of taking you in as your hardness strengthens inside. You gently help me rise to the occasion massaging my body like as to tenderize my mind, I’m ready as your working fingers solve my problems I’m ready to receive you moistened like bunt cake falling apart my body shakes. I’m screaming for you, more as we steady roll to the bed rock our body rocks like a boat row. I’m creaming cum and your semen cum we keep cumming and the song is humming sex tunes. I’m so into you literally. Our slow turns to fast as your hands grip my ass you thrust harder and deeper🙀I feel like you’re trying to put me in a sleeper but it feels sooo good and we cant stop changing positions, up down, all around even on the ground and all the sex sounds gives cause for a crown. The night gets longer and we settle as you’re cumming we steady rock to end the rush and I’m wetter than the ocean my body is over worked a marathon we engage basking in the message of passion we kiss and your soft supple lips bring me to a melting point and I’m addicted for like a rose we blossom to love.



Poem:I’m hooked like a dope addict and I can’t seem to find my fix,
I’m going through withdrawals, pause. 
My minds racing faster than my heart can beat

So I fall, but you keep me on my feet.
I’m prancing like a ballerina, anxious to move, ready to float.
Every word that I could say to you is stuck in my throat and all I can do is choke, speechless to provoke, I’m silent not content. 
Spent like a casino out of cash, an impossible fantasy, but real to me. You see you’ve basically done nothing. 
Hopeful wishin, aligning all the pieces and shit never makes sense. I don’t regret the moment like having good debt, the cause is infinite, and like a high in Peru how do I get over you, I don’t want to lose to start, show me what I know is truth, teach me how to win, this I choose, time and patience 
I’ll adjust like a train station, just good ol waitin, and no matter what you can’t do it’s real what I’m sayin to you….