Love you

Just when I thought that life wouldn’t cascade again,The storm of hope came rushing in.

My mind wandered and wondered, my heart was scattered with mild content. My life felt lamented heavy but loose, like wet cement.

Everyday was a memory and a moment– I couldn’t shut out the time 

I was backtracking the beats from every step it took me to come to this conclusion—finally no seclusion 

It was deep.

See, I loved you without having to know how, it was birth through natures nurtured energies, a mystic canal of mysteries
Invisibly visible, this love is literally literal… and only the giver giving understands it’s lone. Loan not as take back,  but lone as in given… solo 
Asking for nothing in return, I’d empty my hearts bank just to show you its truth.
Trying so hard to show you…but could your soul comprehend? could your spirit receive? Could your heart want to conceive from loves deposit?

I’m well spent because of it, love is the cause of most human flaws 
And loves my flaw I give it my all.

You see in order for you to truly know what I mean, it’s like this–
Time space and energy and every moment you’ve promised me has equated to this simplicity.
Without fear to detract this river my love pours out I love you and loved you even when you were unsure maybe yet uncertain cause your mind puts up a curtain…

Nothing in life is perfect, but loving you brings purpose and makes knowing you worth it.
Not lust, nor infactuation, or obsession to proceed this intercession just pure love and unconditional lessons 

It’s hard but effortlesss nothing less only more, I choose openly love and you.

Love you,

Photo not by me


I see…

I see–
And Without hesitation I see you…

I see the you you want to be and do
 actions are more than words and in your case….you’re acing” every course of a word you could say, but.. 
Maybe the strength you possess speaks more volumes, louder than a techno concert and brings more bass than a dub session, yes you—dub me, like the rulers of Zmunda and I feel like a queen in your presence.
I crave your essence in and out of your decadence 
I— see you.

You see,

Love is —everything even unspoken—and all bells ring in.
Inward I know–

Your eyes steadily telling your story, desires rise and we elude all rules 
Rising to the occasion in and out of time hearts raging and chemistry paging body remedies–arrested—no pacing neglected
Reckless and nurturing you assure your reassurance for me .
Your King stature resembles abundance.
A gentle giant compared to none your love is given freely and I feel like an heir the way you share so openly.
You grant it and I don’t take it for granted. 

I have deep love for you not falling but growing constant and consistent. 
If by chance fate cares this time around I’m greatful you dared. 
Dared to trust yourself, to try to live and to be free to appeal to goodness.
 that–I know and I see.
I see you the man and the King…flawed to perfection and your love is your weapon my heart is your chariot and you ride it gently with good intent… 
Photo not by me

What she won’t say….

You are no better than the next man, you are comfortable with robing  her of her worth and the love that She can offer and raping her of her time knowingly wasting it all for the selfless needs of yourself. 

Does it ever occur to you that ‘the man’ does that to you on a daily basis??

 but for you to do it to your own queens is pathetic, when will you start giving the respect that is deserved. 

She is a queen and woman of worth and She shouldn’t let you continue to make withdrawals from her. She deserves more than the lies and the blatant disrespect you portray. 

She is A strong building that stands firm and demands to be treated with individual respect, a light that shines so deeply a flower fully bloomed and will not be dehumanized by someone who can’t see it….she deserves the truth and moral treatment.


Poem:I’m hooked like a dope addict and I can’t seem to find my fix,
I’m going through withdrawals, pause. 
My minds racing faster than my heart can beat

So I fall, but you keep me on my feet.
I’m prancing like a ballerina, anxious to move, ready to float.
Every word that I could say to you is stuck in my throat and all I can do is choke, speechless to provoke, I’m silent not content. 
Spent like a casino out of cash, an impossible fantasy, but real to me. You see you’ve basically done nothing. 
Hopeful wishin, aligning all the pieces and shit never makes sense. I don’t regret the moment like having good debt, the cause is infinite, and like a high in Peru how do I get over you, I don’t want to lose to start, show me what I know is truth, teach me how to win, this I choose, time and patience 
I’ll adjust like a train station, just good ol waitin, and no matter what you can’t do it’s real what I’m sayin to you….