Sweet family moments

Well its that time again when families start to baking this little buns and when the buns start to cookin’. This beautiful family was such a joy to capture and I thought that I would share that with the world. Yaah SaldaƱas. I created a collage and a Facebook cover.
001 collage (1)

001 facebook_cover (1)

Standing by the moonlight

Tonight I couldn’t exactly sleep with so much on my mind lately, photography is the only love besides God that calms my soul at the least my secret thoughts taunt me.

I decided to capture the light in essence and try to capture the details of the moon I will stay at it for a while. I think my next big project will be light with a purpose. we shall see.

In the meantime I will meditate on my life as a whole and see what will be the next beat. I have to have to get this studio up and running, with all the ideas and projects I expect something amazing to rise a birth of it all.

No pants Subway/Light Rail ride

Around the world January 12th 2014 there were people joining in on one of the coolest community events involving no pants! This day my friend and I decided to see what the event was all about. Tempe Improv was involved as well as Village People Media by Phoenix NewTimes, capturing the fun and raunchy. I must say I don’t dig my skinny but I did this day. People of all colors, shapes, and sizes joined in on the normal. Though no one was bold enough to get too crazy there were some interesting under punters. The ride began at the begging of each rail starting point from east to west and end in central Phoenix at The Angels Trumpet Ale House. What a blast the day was and I would love to have more of my friend get from under their up tight jeans and participate next year.

The photos tell the story so enjoy!

Made for….

There was a time when I thought that in order to have love, I had to follow strict non detouring certian guide lines and rules,

Iike many people who have done the same, I lost out on
opportunities because of my own fears to break the rules of what society says makes love real and keeps love going

But as the dandilions in an unborn feild those ideas and opinions blow off with the wind and only the strong servive or make their tulip reforms in the center of it all….

I avoided my truest in parts of who I really was, denying a partner and the joy of enjoying the pure connection of what I really had to offer.

Love is not what a man or woman says it is, love isnt what book rules make it and love isnt the religious limits that gurus and bible restrictions says it is either….

Love is a mystery of the people involved in it. Love is a cure, an entrance into freedom, love is growth and a consistent rise and fall, a coaster of rollers and a race of the heart.

I see that love is to eachs own and to those who accept its high, those willing to ride its drift and to the one mature enough to protect it.

I had no idea the roast that love fed me, I was a foolish amature ready to crash and indeed I did, and like roadkill I died right where it left me, stuck in a trance of I wonder and whatif…

Noone is ever ready for the journey and noone is ever ready for the tense immense emotions that love creates. Like giving birth, its a beautiful pain….to endure.

Loves most powerful concept is without fail and without defeat and those weak enough to fall will grow.

Ive learned that in order for love to grow one must truly without any doubt or deception in mind,

let go of all the things they think they know about love and start a journey that only the lover of loves love can create.

I want to be willing to lie naked before loves throne and expose every piece of all that I am, are and want to be…I want the real love its discovered to be…a created partnership with a nom of love a gent willing to run with me and a lame lad as line as me, so forward that the only thing we have left to do is look ahead…we were made for love and to be loved to be in love.